Together for a better future

Celebrating Europe Day and eTwinning Day together with students in our school and our partners in Erasmus+ projects. What do Erasmus and eTwinning projects bring to your lives? Share your opinions!

9 thoughts on “Together for a better future

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  1. For me, the Erasmus experience has been unique so far. The fact that I had the opportunity to attend various meetings with people from other countries who share the same interests, was an honor and, at the same time, an opportunity to make new friends.In the future, I hope to have the chance to go on a mobility to find out as much as possible about the partner countries and to get to know the other cultures as well.

  2. Erasmus, in my opinion, is the best way to evolve on a personal level. It gives you a million ways to open your mind through interactive games and meetings and especially by working with other people from different countries. It was very pleasing to work with so many different people and learn about their cultures. The mobility in Croatia helped me to become aware towards consumerism and be more considerate of what I spend my money on.

  3. Erasmus and eTwinning projects have brought lots of pleasant educational memories in my life as a result of all the interesting activities we have done together. I achieved experience and I had the chance to see how other societies function and how different but similar students are around the world.

  4. The Erasmus project is a very unique experience. You get to learn new things, like consumerism and how to spend your money or how to recycle. You get to learn about nature, traditions, countries and meet new people. I did a lot of fun activities in Croatia and I had the chance to see the difference between my country and another country. I can say it’s a big difference I’m glad I got to see by being part of this mobility.

  5. I think that Eramsus and eTwinning projects are a great way for European students to find out in an interesting way about different topics surrounding the world. They are also a great way for them to make connections around the globe and largen their social network. I have seen that throughout the mobilities, students bonded with each other despite the cultural barrier and were able to create beautiful memories!

    1. Erasmus is a great opportunity for everyone.In my perception this project helps me discover new things,to auto educate and to be compassionate about things that are good for me.Even tho I didn’t travel with this project I still learned about nature,people,how to recycle and so many more.I’m really proud that I’m apart of this great project and I hope I will make some wonderful memories.

  6. Erasmus and eTwinning projects mean so much to me and to other teenagers because they give us many oportunities to grow , to discover , to evolve .We learn about diferent topics , we spread awareness and with every step that we do, we are getting closer to solving the problems that affect us and the environement. The Erasmus experience can not be compared to any other. It feels amazing to be a part of something and to meet such wonderful people that you can learn a lot from. Erasmus has a very special place in my heart.

  7. For me Erasmus meant a new opportunity to discover something new, to help, to educate myself and then the chance to educate others using what I learned. It is one of the few projects that I would most gladly encourage students from all over the world to participate in.

  8. When people hear about mobilities and many work projects, they don’t really take it seriously or give up, but for me, Erasmus teaches me how to have fun while doing important things. Erasmus is not a project where you go to visit other countries and make friends, but if you work hard and you really want to be devoted, to discover yourself and the nature from this project, well… in my opinion, this is what the eTwinning and Erasmus projects are about. Started to realize what’s around us and the beautiful green nature that we have to protect, start to find solutions, starting to find ourselves. I have never been happier to help or be around people. Erasmus, for me, is a place where I feel safe. I consider it, like a family where we all work for our planet, to make it a better place.

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