Erasmus+ project: ACT4ENV

Starting with 2020, our high school is involved in a new Erasmus+ adeventure, represented by a partnership with Greece ( coordinator), Spain, Portugal and Croatia in the project Act for Environment.

KA229- School Exchange Partnerships Project 2020- EL01-KA229-078798

We want our students to be more informed and more aware of the problems our planets is facing these years. We believe that if we give them the information and the experiences they need, they will become more responsible adults who will take better care of our planet.



  • educate and raise awareness about our responsibility to slow down the side effects of technical progress
  • change individual and collective behaviour through sustainable consumption and sustainable living
  • educate our students to become active and more responsible citizens so that they can understand the importance and value of our natural resources

The first year was spent online because of the Covid-19 restrictions. We found ways of working on project tasks online by eTwinning project and national workshops. Students worked in national teams and made suggestions for logos. The winning logo in each country took part in the competition in which students voted their favourite logo through a Google form.

Teachers had permanent meetings discussing the type of activities, the project plan for eTwinning and the next steps in the project.

They also worked on the questionnaire included by the Greek team and the results were published in the second issue of the newsletter.

The Newsletters, the forms and the final results are in the Twinspace of the project.

We decided to have national workshops with our team so as to keep them engaged and motivated despite the fact that we could not travel for the first year.

MOBILITY IN GREECE- 5-10 December 2021

-questionnaire about environmental problems

– how to to face climate change

– recycling as a way of decreasing the climate change effects

– outdoor environmental activities to Natura Area of Pindos



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