The Importance of Erasmus+ projects

Why do Erasmus+ project matter? Tell us your opinion and share from your experience.

32 thoughts on “The Importance of Erasmus+ projects

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  1. we think that integration between nations is very important for our own development. We can also share ideas, exchange our expieinces and just have fun:)))

  2. Erasmus+ projects are important for the young generations because it helps the kids to evolve in different topics, as well as improving their communication/team-work skills and making new friends.

  3. Erasmus Is important ti enrich one’s personal baggage and go know and learn new things from other countriee

  4. They’re important to meet other people and you can always learn about new cultures and places, also it’s a beautiful experience and a remembering one.

  5. The project can give new horizonts to students that want to see what other countrys are, to have the experience of living in that envoierment as well as learn how to express themselves better.

  6. The Erasmus+ projects are really important for students and teachers alike, because they give us a chance to broaden our horizons by meeting people from other countries, by practicing our English skills while talking to them, by learning new things from eachother and also by making new friends.

  7. we think it’s an important experience because you meet new people, both teachers and students. you also have a great time learning english with fun games and activities. you learn about other countries’ cultures and languages while having a good time.

  8. For me Erasmus projects are important because I learn new things about new people, cultures, countries. I also experience many interesting things and learn to work in a team with different people in which we have fun and make memories together.

  9. Erasmus+ project matter because through it we meet different people from different countries and we learn about their traditions and their habits!

  10. We think it’ s important to be a more mentally and socially developed person and of course to improve your English level . To learn things about other cultures also.

  11. This project it was always important in my opinion, since i had the oportunity to travel in another country before the pandemic, it just connect people from Europeans countries to exchange experiences, and i’ve seen that we have the same habbits, games, sometimes food aswell, i really enjoy to exchange toughts, hugs, experiences and food with other people.

  12. Erasmus+ project is the best way to make international friends and learn English with each other. No matter if we can speak on zoom or in a real life we have an ability to aquire communication skills and have fun :))

  13. Erasmus programs contribute significantly to communication and collaboration with other people. We learn new things and acquire beautiful emotions !!

  14. Erasmus is an important project for me, because it helped me to know the world better, to see what connected us to each other, even if we came from different cultures. I wish I had signed up for the project earlier, because I could have gone to one of the participating countries. But I’m glad i am part of it anyway. And I would be happy if I made new friends.

  15. Erasmus+ projects are important for the young generations because it helps the kids to evolve in different topics, as well as improving the communication/team-work skills and making new friends.

  16. Erasmus projects can help us connect with people from other countries and give us the opportunity of creating beautiful memories. Not only do they help us develop our communication skills, but they also enrich our knowledge about other cultures and other countries lifestyles or education systems.

  17. In my opinion Erasmus project is important because it gives us an opportunity to improve our language skills and get to know other cultures. Besides, you can meet a lot of people and find some new friends.

  18. It´s important to get to know different cultures and to keep in contact with other people.

  19. I believe that Erasmus projects matter a lot because they bring together many students, teachers from different parts of Europe, in a constructive way that helps us become better both individually and as a team.

  20. Erasmus is important because it give us the possibility to know other people and other realities, other culutres and, in our situation, also to know other ways to meet people from other countries

  21. I consider that Erasmus+ projects are important because they bring us new activities that can help us in the process of getting to know ourselves better, but also getting to know other people and their perceptions

  22. The Erasmus projects are important for all facilities that offer to children and teachers too. This project help us grow . We learn english and interesting things about our parteners from other countries too.

  23. In my opinion, the Erasmus+ project matters because it brings students and teachers from all over Europe into a magical and unique experience. Furthermore, it is a one in a lifetime experience and anyone passionate about it should consider participating in this type of project.

  24. In my opinion the importance of Erasmus+ is that I can know new people, I can test my English level.

  25. Erasmus+ is a great opportunity to develop your skills. Erasmus teaches people to cooperate with each other, makes the world a smaller and more diverse place. By speaking foreign languages I have improved my linguistic abilities. I met a lot of interesting people. I had great time with all of the other students from other countries.:) Erasmus is a great experience, I definetely recommend it to everyone. (Julka)

  26. I believe that Erasmus + project matter a lot because they bring together many students, teachers from different parts of Europe, in a constructive way that helps us become better both individually and as a team.

  27. Erasmus projects are more interesting and involving than I expected. I had an active part in the team work and could use my digital abilities . Being a shy guy it also improved my social skills and my English now is much better. So Erasmus projects really matter(italy)

  28. I think the importance of Erasmus+ projects is to bound relationships between European students. In this way everyone find out interesting thinks about traditions, people and new places.

  29. The erasmus project is important to get to know the culture of new countries and to improve the conversation with other people and it is also a great experience to meet new people, it was fantastic!

  30. I think Erasmus+ project matters because it unites people from different countries in a educational manner. From my experience I learned a lot about Galicia and Spain and I’ve made a lot of friends whom I am still in contact after 2 years since it was the mobility.

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