Favourite forms of study

What is your favourite one? watch the video here and share your opinions.

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  1. My favourite form of study is the first one, because it doesn’t stress me and it keeps me focused. Also, organising my studying sessions in this way feels from my perspective more productive and more efficient to become better in certain fields. (Oana Vardianu)

  2. My favourite form to study is the third one because combining colours with words it can be more simple to remember what is more important from a lesson. ( Maria-Elena Voicu)

    1. Talking about the way of studying, I’ll definetely choose the one which is based on having an enviroment specifically for studying, doing your homework or studying for an exam in my room sitting in front of my desk, especially one with a computer, to help me giving hints or the most relevant answers, a desk full of highlighters, pens and pencils, notebooks, manuals, and different items that would help to choose and write the information clever and organized. But of course, all of these things should happen in the day time, for the best focuse and a clear mind.

  3. For me, the third one is the most effective way to study because I can use different colours to highlight what’s really important. Also, I try to keep my notes neat and organized so I can see everything much better and find the information much faster. Sometimes I will use different symbols and associate them with different words so in that way I can remember it later.

  4. My favorit form of study is the first one because it keep me more focused and I can understand better if is less information and better explained. I tried the one with hightlits and for me on a new large text(like 2-3pages) is not helping exactly why he said but on my nootebook is better to be organized. And the practice is helpfull too. I think many people enjoy practising much better than spending time on a paper.

  5. The sixth option to learn is most appropriate for me because when I learn a lesson and I manage to write it ,,head-tail“ I realize that I have kept any information. And if I write it several times I’m sure I won’t forget the lesson, there is no such thing as the proverb: “Repetition is the mother of learning”.

  6. The best study spot is one that is quiet, well-lit, and in a low-traffic area.My favourite form to study is the number eight. Many students around the world feel they need to listen to music while they study or revise, believing it helps them ‘concentrate better’.While some experts argue the ability to concentrate during silence or listening to music while studying is left up to personal preference. However, if you find it relaxing and puts you in a pleasant mood, then try playing soothing music in the background, without lyrics, so it doesn’t distract you or prevent you from studying efficiently.Like many learning processes, it really depends on the individual and what works for you.

  7. My favourite form of study is the six one , because one of the most effective ways to prepare for exams is to practice.Practicing makes me feel more confident and it refresh my memory in order to achieve some goals.Many people world wide thinks that study while listening to music is relaxing and helps you studying better , but for me silent is efficiently.Also , I need everything completely tidy and organized in order to concentrate while others thrive in a more cluttered environment(Stoian Antonio Valentin)

  8. I think all of these tips are very effective and help us learn easier, but my favourite one is the 9th tip. Among time, I’ve noticed that if I put my phone away and only focus on what I have to learn, I am way more productive. I also put my earphones aside. Indeed, rythmic music doesn’t help me memorise at all!

  9. My favorite form of study is the first because it keeps me more focused and the less information I receive the better I understand it than to throw a lot and I can not deviate at all. Every year I try to improve even more on the organization side of the notebooks. Especially the posts help me the most because every time I attract my attention and I keep the information much easier.

  10. I prefer to read a lesson several times and then I write it, because only that way I can remember or someone read my lesson several times and so I can keep it.

  11. From my point of view the most useful and most favored by the students and by me of study is the first one! I think you are much more attentive and more focused in 30 minutes than in an hour or even more of teach. I also believe that you can learn more information in a shorter time than in a very large one because for example I cannot stay focused on those information taught by the teacher and I have no patience.

  12. My favorite form of study is the 5th because I think the way you are told to do one thing matters the most. When you are told that you are tested, you are stressed about not wanting to make a mistake, and when you are told that by learning that thing you can help others, you will give your best to make the lives of others more beautiful.From this comes the proverb: “The tone makes music”.(Simion Narcis-Marian)

  13. In my opinion , the furat one is very important , because it s not ok to concentrate for more than two hours. I study for 2 hours and then take a break to relax my brain and after that go out with my friends.I sometimes or read a book and listen to music.After all of this I start studying again Even If it takes me more time.

  14. I prefer the first one because this way I don’t get stressed when I have to prepare myself for an exam. If I would’t give myself breaks and time to relax, my brain would see studying as an unpleasant obligation. Moreover, I would choose to procrastinate due to my lack of interest in doing it. This is the reason an organised study schedule is very important. However, I believe the other tips are also very helpful and I will try to implement them in my study routine. (Duță Alexandra)

  15. The best forms of study for me are the first and the sixth one presented in the video. By splitting the information and learning for 30 minutes a day instead of few hours in the last moment, I get better results because I’m calm and I’m not pressed by the time. Also I practice after I learn because every time I do mistakes and correct them, I fix the information in my head.

  16. For me the most efficient method of learning is the first one because if you divide the subject over a longer period you reduce stress a lot. Given that I do singing lessons, it’s not possible to learn the techniques in a few hours in one day, for example, this requires a lot of time to study and practice.

  17. I believe that all of these forms are useful for better learning, but I prefer the first form, because I’m the kind of person who quickly loses concentration when he gets tired and I can’t learn. I think that when it exist a small pause between learning sessions, the brain does not get tired quickly.

  18. From my point of view,the 9th tip is my go to for when I need to study. If I get rid off all the distractive stuff from my day life style,like my phone or my earphones ,I study faster and more eficient . The music is not helping me at all to memorize things ,but it can be helpfull when I need a break.

  19. My favorite form for study is number six, because through tests you can form self-confidence and self-confidence, you can discover your mistakes and you can learn from them

    1. My favourite from of study is the first one because I understand better if the leassons are short and streight. In my point of view learning in silent and before the important exams is essential.

  20. my favorite form is the one in several short sessions. I think it is the best way to learn, keeping the brain relaxed.

  21. my favorite form of learning is the first because, from my point of view, it is much better to learn in short periods of 20 30 minutes while also having a relaxing manner

  22. for me, the most effective way to learn is first. in my opinion, it is much more effective for us to share learning time. For us, 7 hours to learn is a lot, we cannot concentrate exactly on all the hours. Instead, if we divide the 7 hours into sections of 20-30 minutes, we hold and understand much better. That is my preferred method

  23. My favorite way to study is the third, because combining colors with words can be an easier idea to remember the most important thing you learned. (Lupean Mihai)

  24. My favourite way to study is the third one because after I learned all the lesson i can make flash cards with what pice of information I consider to be the most important for my assessment.Also, I can read them and recap from them wherever I go because are within reach. (Gavrilă Maria Andreea)

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