Who/ Which/ Where/ When

Fill in the sentences:

  1. Roses are the flowers…………she likes the most.
  2. That house —————has a lot of flowers in front of it, is Mary’s.
  3. Pop is the music—————they enjoy listening every day.
  4.  The animal ————-is under your bed is your cat .
  5. The  videos——————you are looking at now, have been filmed by Anna.
  6. John is the boy —————-delivers newspapers everyday.
  7. A pigeon is an animal —————–can carry messages.
  8. Garlic is a vegetable ————-has a bad smell but it’s very healthy.
  9. Running —————–is a good activity, helps me keep fit.
  10. A dragon is an imaginary animal —————–can breathe fire.
  11. The man ————–has a lot of job to finish is the new employee.
  12. The two kids —————-are playing on the beach are my children.
  13. The car……..is behind the restaurant was stolen last night.
  14. The naughty boy—————is throwing rocks is my new classmate.
  15. I read the newspaper daily but the suitable job ———————-I am looking for is not available.
  16. A pirate is someone—————– has a sword in his hand a parrot on his shoulder.
  17. Peter is the little boy—————has just broken his leg.
  18. ……..does she live? In Brazil.
  19. ……..do they study French?  On Tuesdays.
  20. ……..did you buy that car? Last month.
  21. ……did they move here? A year ago.
  22. …….do you celebrate Easter?  In spring.
  23. This is the place………Alice spent her childhood.
  24. Tomorrow is the day………they are getting married.
  25. ……..did Susan graduate high school?


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