September, 26 th…If clauses type 2 and 3

Conditional types 2 and 3

April, 1st….:)

Conditional Type 1

  1. If Laura __________ (not/call) me tonight, I __________ (be) very disappointed.
  2. We __________ (have) time for shopping if we __________ (meet) at 4.
  3. If it __________ (rain), __________ (take) an umbrella.
  4. Greg and Ann __________ (go) to Japan next summer if they __________ (save) enough money.
  5. If you __________ (not/study) harder, you __________ (fail) your science exam.
  6. If Peter __________ (drive) fast, he __________ (crash) his new car.
  7. If I __________ (not/hurry), I __________ (miss) the bus to work.
  8. If you __________ (find) my wallet, __________ (give) it back to me.
  9. You __________ (go) to school tomorrow if the temperature __________ (fall).
  10. If we __________ (miss) the train, we __________ (have) to wait for two hours.
  11. If you __________ (eat) healthy food, you __________ (live) longer.
  12. If your parents __________ (buy) you a dog, you __________ (have ) to walk him twice a day.
  13. If we __________ (be) late again, the coach __________ (get) angry  and __________ (shout) at us.
  14. The Browns __________ (spend) a day at the beach if it __________ (be) hot and sunny.
  15. ________ (go) to bed early if you (be) ______tired.
  16. If you __________ (eat) lots of sweets, you __________ (have) cavities.
  17. If I __________ (prepare) barbecue, __________ (you/come)?
  18. If we __________ (not/protect) the giant panda, it __________ (die out).

13th March…Reading and Vocabulary



IX E HOMEWORK/ 6th March



IX E Homework/January 17th

Tema IX E

tema IX E2

IX E Homework/ 21st November

Unit 1 a

Unit 1 b

IX E Homework/ 26thSeptember 2013
1.Choose the correct form
2.Present Perfect Simple and Past Simple
3. For or Since?
for since

Present perfect…


IX E Homework/ 19th September 2013
There are 2 worksheets which you needto do:
1. Reading about television and solving some vocabulary exercises.
2. Use of English on Present Simple and Continuous



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