Test Your English


Test your students’ level in English using these two online tests for both listening and vocabulary/grammar. My students were really enthusiastic as the tests offered both a Cambridge and an IELTS scoring.





This is my family. My mother’s name is Mary and my father’s name is Jack. She is 35 years old and he is 40. My mother is a teacher. She teaches Maths at our school. My father is an engineer and he works in a factory near our town. He goes to work at 5 o’clock in the morning and comes back at 8 o’clock in the evening.

I have two brothers: Tom and Alex. Tom is 10 years old and Alex is 5. Tom has brown eyes and dark hair and Alex has green eyes and dark hair too.Tom’s hobby is collecting magazines. He has a very big collection and he is very proud of it.  Alex doesn’t have one particular hobby because he likes doing so many different things: playing on the computer, riding on his bike,watching cartoons or drawing.

By the way, my name is Anca and I’m 8 years old. I love my family very much.


a)     Anca’s  mother is 35 and her father is 40.

b)    Mary teaches Romanian.

c)     Jack is a doctor.

d)    He goes to work at 5 o’clock in the morning.

e)     Anca has two brothers: Dean and Martin.

f)      Tom has brown eyes and Alex has green eyes.

g)     Tom’s hobby is collecting stickers.

h)     Alex’s hobby is collecting magazines.

1)     Write ten words that begin with these letters:

a)     A

b)    M

c)     T

d)    E

e)     B

2)     Write  three things that you could do when you were 7 and three things that you couldn’t do.

3)     Write at least three sentences about your hobby.

4)     Write about your family (no more than half a page)

5)     Form correct sentences:

a)     very/My/grandma/old/is

b)    yellow/sister’s/favourite/My/is/colour

c)     new/Tom/have/and/got/Mary/bikes

d)    you/in the evening/watching/like/TV/Do?

e)     your/ice-cream/like/Does/sister/chocolate

f)      got/new/they/Have/a/computer?

g)     Mary/blue/a/Has/got/dress?

6)     Correct the following sentences:

a)     Do Mary goes to school by bus?

b)    Do you go in the morning to school?

c)     Mary have got a turtle and a rabbit.

d)    Does Jack likes watching cartoons?

e)     We has got two pets.

f)      Has got Jenny a nice blouse?

g)      Tom has got not a bike new.

h)     Have Ann got a new TV set?

7)     Give the opposite of the following words:

a)     pretty

b)    fat

c)     tall

d)    happy

e)     good

8)     Put an adjective in front of these words:

a)     a______ car

b)    a______ blouse

c)     a_____ ball

d)    a______ house

e)     a______dress

f)      a_______ book

g)     a_______ boy.

9)     Write the following numbers:

a)     101

b)    205

c)     357

d)    765

e)     1764

f)      3652

g)     7980

h)     5821

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