Past Simple and Past Continuous

A)   Identify the forms of past tense continuous: 

a)     Last night, Sam came to visit me. He wanted to tell me about his trip to the USA. I was watching TV when he rang at the door. My mother was cooking and my father was reading the newspaper. When we went in my room, my little brother was playing on the computer and my sister was drawing.

b)    Yesterday morning I went to visit my best friends. When I arrived at Mary’s, she was doing her hair and her sister was polishing her nails. Later, when I went at John’s, he was playing football with his brother. When we arrived at Alina’s place, she was getting ready for a walk in the park. We all went and we had a great time.

c)     A: What were you doing at 3 o’clock yesterday?

B: I was writing a letter to my penfriend from Australia. And you?

A: I was doing my homework.

B: And your brothers?

A: They were having a pillow fight in their bedroom. And your parents?

B: They were talking in the kitchen.And yours?

A: They were listening to the news on the radio.

B)   Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense:

a) I (read)   __________ a book when the bell (ring) ___________.

b) When they (arrive) ____________at the party, our friends (have) _____________ a great time.

c) You (dance)___________ when your father (come) ______________into your room.

d)    When she (visit) ____________us, we (play)_________ Monopoly.

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